Marfa Haus

The Creative Circus

Nestled in the high hills of the Chihuahuan desert, above the Marfa plateau region of West Texas, lies Marfa Haus, an authentic ranch lodging area 22 miles South of its namesake city. In addition to the vast, surrounding scenery, Marfa Haus offers authentic ranch lodging in its 1940s adobe ranch houses.

The outpost offers its visitors the unfiltered space to create their own experience within the picturesque landscape. The quiet, robust environment allows you to study, wonder, play and introspect. The idea of space is a connective tissue between Marfa's traditional spirit and the creative culture that has swept through the city since Donald Judd came to town in the mid-80s. Judd believed that the negative space within a composition was just as valuable as the physical, and out in West Texas, space has always been what you make of it.

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