INFRA Institute

The Creative Circus

INFRA's mission is to train the most skilled and community-minded inspectors possible. The U.S.A's infrastructure is in pressing need of assessment and improvement. However, nationwide, we lack the number of inspectors needed for performing the check-ups on the country's backbone. The institute aims to find potential students by targeting those who reside in urban areas, starting with Atlanta, GA. Giving them the knowledge to enter an underserved and long-lasting profession that also would help to improve their everyday lives as they navigate our world.

INFRA envisions a community that functions with function in mind. Standards are set, and standards are met. INFRA has a vision of a society where "timeless" isn't a lofty descriptor for flashy moments, but an earned term of endearment used to describe pillars of our everyday lives. We will have a part in producing those pillars.

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